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I’m grateful you’re here reading this announcement, thank you.

It’s been many months now since Thinkr8 went live on the Internet.
Time does have its own way of proving the truths we sometimes desire.
In this case, Thinkr8 thus far has done poorly.
As a community of writer’s, a market place for great content, and most of all I (thinkr8) have failed you.

Having that said, Thinkr8 will stay alive, however; Thinkr8 is no longer accepting new members and the current members are prohibited from adding any new content to the Thinkr8 community. – current members are still active, they have 8 days from this posting to make their case as to why they should remain with the Thinkr8 community.

Please email: to state your case.

I (thinkr8) have made these change’s in order to relieve myself of the ongoing nagging
-but- somewhat settle inner stress of providing this service.

This year on September the 30th, Thinkr8 may or not come to an end.
In order for Thinkr8 to continue after said date, this depends on you and most of all the Thinkr8 community. Please consider of making a small donation so Thinkr8 can continue to provide the content I (thinkr8) have planned for the future, thank you.


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… especially online.

People are talking in the vast unending corridores of cyber space. 


I Know People Are Talking Past Each Other These Days

Maybe the voices echo…maybe they bounce off of shadows and vapors…nobody knows for sure. People sit and stare at their computer screens and hope against hope that their friends might catch the motion or the sensation of  noise – so that they turn their heads and catch the sounds of silence or the caccophany of spoken words…. we may never know for sure.


I Know People Are Talking Past Each Other These Days…

Where will all the water from Hurricane Harvey go?

“The longer the water sits in there, the more long-lasting irreparable damage people will face”

Unsurprisingly for a city on the Gulf Coast, the vast majority of the water dumped on Houston will head back out to sea. But the route it takes from the city to the shore will, for the most part, be slow and painful.

“Think of a major interstate down to one lane at rush hour,” says Bob Holmes, National Flood Hazard coordinator with the Unites States Geological Survey. “The water has to get out to the ocean, but it can only flow down this small channel. It will take a while for all that to empty out.”

The flooding can also be compounded by storm surge, which raises the sea level, essentially adding a blockade to the traffic jam. – More.


Where will all the water from Hurricane Harvey go?

Harvey has dumped trillions of gallons of water onto the city — enough to fill the Great Salt Lake twice over.

MATTHEW CAPPUCCI estimates that in a 36-hour period, roughly 9 trillion gallons of water fell on the Houston area.

Cappucci, He says that if you took that amount of water, 9 trillion gallons, and spread it equally over the 48 contiguous states, it would equal .17 inches of rain covering the country.


Back To The Sea

Thinkr1 – Milton James Smith Sr. singer, songwriter, film-maker, humorist, and author.

Also known as “Smitty, EmJay Ess, Rolfe Smith, Billy Dawn Smith,
Bootlip, and Euchalyptus Rscinskinovitch, was born in Manchester
New Hampshire in 1924. He served his country four years in the Marie Corps,
during World War II. At one time during the war he was stationed in China.
In October of 1946 he met Doris Maria Dudley of New Bern, North Carolina
and in January of 1947 they were married. He and his wife then moved to
New Hampshire. In 1953, with four children in tow, they moved to Maryland.


A Father (Daddy) Remembered

He wrote many song’s during the 1950’s and 1960’s and appeared on television, once as a singer. In 1961, he, his wife and now eight children moved to Laurel, Maryland.
Two more children were born in Laurel. As a free-lance writer many of his articles appeared in the Laurel Leader. Two feature articles about him appeared in the Laurel Leader. One in the summer of 1979 and the other in 1980.
His writing’s for this book were written over a period of 25 years. Milton J. Smith Sr. passed on May 19th 1983.

Some content of the book have been left out (private), All content here-in was made public in the Laurel News Leader. circa, 1960’s – 1980’s

Aluminum Barons

In the early 1980’s my father was famous for reviving recycling aluminum before it became popular in the 1990’s. In 1979 he was on his way toward’s recycling (son-of). How? His car was a can crusher. He would drive over the cans repeatedly, thereby smashing them into crumpled square pieces of aluminum. … More


He Can’t Win For Losing
Laurel Leader
Dec, 1962

To the Editor,

Almost every day in any newspaper one may read someone has won a divorce.” The article is certain to continue and state the material items “awarded”, neglecting the fact that the breakup of marriage is a loss of love and social prestige.
(Ask the winners if you don’t believe me.)… More

Families Mean Something

Certainly, we hear parents whose children have left home state they would not want to be rearing children in the world of today. It appears this statement may be assessed as a lack of confidence in their own children. Thankfully, the myriad aspects of family life are greatly outnumbered by more pleasant circumstances than bad. … More

Father’s Day Origins

In 1924 the Ca1lener Bible Class of Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania selected the dandelion as the flower to be worn on Father’s Day because “the more it is trampled on the more it grows.” Its use did not become general which is something for all fathers to be thankful. … More

Focus On People

Dr. Thomas Lederman, whose at-home visits to his patients racks up thousands of miles annually, didn’t mind traveling to Washington D.C.

Dr. Tommy, a Laurel resident and veterinarian for six years, … More

Great Mom’s Here And Far

There is no record of Miss Anna Jarvis becoming a mother. No one person, however, had more to do with this upcoming Sunday’s celebration. It was Miss Jarvis of Grafton, West Virginia, who originated Mother’s Day. In 1907 she was in Philadelphia and persuaded the children of her church to honor their mothers by wearing a white carnation to the services. In later years red flowers were worn to indicate a living mother and a… More

Horse Jockey Without A Horse

“I’m not a race rider but I am a horse jockey. My pony is a giant of the highways, a cab-over tractor sitting on 190 horses pulling a 12- horse van. I’m equally proud of those giants of the Turf which have been safely jockeyed into stalls on the rig I operate. Lucky Debonair, Lt. Stevens and Gun Bow have been among my history-making passengers. … More

The Longest Hayride In History

When Leon Gillis’ neighbors asked him the purpose of the covered wagon he was building in his back yard he answered, “I’m going on a hayride.” … More

Proposed Taxi Rates Aired At Hearing

August, with its hot, humid weather is noted as the ‘zany month’ which impels people to perform bizarre acts. This year that period of summer arrived July 12, at the Prince George’s County Commis­sioners hearing on proposed taxicab rate increases.

The hearing appeared to become a political testing ground for two members … More

The Taxicab Story Part One

“Stawinski Says … “

Two passengers entered a certain Prince George’s County cab whereupon the taxi driver rang up 20 cents extra on the meter. Complaint of the extra charge was met with the driver’s response, “Slawinski says that’s the extra charge for an extra passenger, and there you see it.” … More

The Taxicab Story Part Two

“Stawinski Says…”

A brief history of cabs in Laurel reveals Arnold’s Cab Company, founded September 22,1926, to be the first full time cab service for this area. Previous to Arnold’ s, horses and carriages were available for hire, with or without driver, from the livery stables at the junctions of US 1 and Main Street. … More


Late in 1977, my father pursued a hobby because a back injury forced him to retire from truck-driving. He prayed for a hobby that was original, something no one else was doing.

In the spring of 1978 the “know-how” of wood bending was born in his mind.
He is quoted as saying; “I really feel this is God-given.” … More

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A Father (Daddy) Remembered