Everything You Need To Know When You Sign Up With Thinkr8

Hello, I’m glad you’ve found your way here.

Thinkr8 most of all needs writer’s.
Someone like you, reading this. All you need to do is sign up.

Fill out the required information below, wait for an email from thinkreight@thinkr8.com,
(read the instructions carefully when you get your email)

…the email “Author Invitation Message” will be as follows:

Subject Matter: Thinkr8 Writer Request Response…

Hi Thinkr,
you are receiving this email because you have sent an email request to thinkreight@thinkr8.com asking to be an Author/Writer at http://www.thinkr8.com

Creating a Thinkr8 account is really simple. “Approve” the invitation by clicking the button , you will be guided to the WordPress create an account page via you’re in house app web browser or your desktop default web browser, there will be three text boxes to fill in. The first text box (at top) should already have your email address in that box.
If it doesn’t, put the email address you used to request this invite in that text box.

Next, pick a User name. You can choose any user name you would like to use. However, Thinkr? (with a number) is suggested. lastly, create a password.

12 or more characters make very strong passwords, Thinkr8 suggest you use a very strong password. 1234567890-=, isn’t a strong password. So please, use one that might look like this. 1qWSd5XcV8Nm

Completing these steps, WordPress will log you in to your thinkr8 account.
I suggest you connect your social media accounts now while logged in.
And create your Gravatar.

“Log out”, if you don’t want to explore Thinkr8 from the web browser editor at that time.

The best way to write and post for Thinkr8 is by using the WordPress Desktop Editor (Windows and Mac) or by the WordPress Mobile App (Android and Apple).

Here you can learn more about How To Use The WordPress Mobile App.

I can not express enough the importance of learning how to use the WordPress desktop editor is by far the most effective way of creating great content for your work. So please do yourself a favor, take the time to learn the wordpress desktop editor and then the mobile app will make sense.

You don’t have to create a WordPress blog when creating a thinkr8.com user account. However, when you approve the invitation and create your new account with thinkr8, you’re email address is registered with the wordpress platform.

All members (Authors) have access to the documents, photo, video gallery.
Please do not delete or alter the metadata already attached to the file by the author owner.
Gallery content sharing should be done on a mutual agreement basis.


Thinkr8 Gallery Content _All Thinkr` have access to the Gallery.

Thank you,

…assistance will be available via phone if needed for the app, appropriate hours are required.

Phone # not provided here…

Thinkr8 _A Community of Thinkers support and growth funding currently relies on donations by its members and the public.
Please take a moment and make a donations, thank you.


www.thinkr8.comFacebookTwitter – Privacy Statement

; if you no longer wish to receive any future emails, reply to this message with the Subject Matter: …remove me... You will remain as an Author at thinkr8.com -but- will not receive emails pertaining to thinkr8 news, sales etc,. WordPress auto emails not associated with thinkreight@thinkr8.com, please see WordPress for email setting’s.

;end message

I sincerely wish this helps. Thinkr8 hopes you’ll join and start writing.

Thinkr8 will most likely lose its Amazon affiliation status.
There is no decision in the works, as to whether Thinkr8 will renew its standing with amazon.


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