How Long Will This Take

It would befitting to have it known the story I intended to write about my brothers passing
is still on hold -I’m not ready to write it-

Having said that, my brother’s life and his passing is still fresh in my memory.
The grieving and the lost hasn’t been fully processed.

Simmie and Turtle

Brother Simmie

This Day Will Come To Pass

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One thought on “How Long Will This Take

  1. Brother, you take your time. Process is what we need coupled with grace while we grieve any loss. Especially a family member.
    It was just the other day during a drive to work, I had a picture of Sim come to memory and I wept.
    You deserve healing time!
    You are a blessing to our family and your friends via fb and otherwise. Your tribute and love in keeping Simmies memory alive does not go un-noticed.
    I love you,

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